vineri, 31 iulie 2009


Hello, hello..
It's a new's Saturday..I'm in an odd mood..
I wanna do nothing.. like nothing nothing but I can't and thats frustrating.. but..
ok so this is not going to be one of those blogs in which there are going to be thoughts about life and philosophy because I ain't that deep.. maybe there will be things like that but not right now because I'm not in the mood and I'm going away
I like to think about myself that I'm an ecologist (that's the picture) and I often drive my friends crazy with that but they understand.. a week ago I bought a coloring book and started to color it myself like I was a child...
I feel that I have to tell everyone that I have no idea about what I should write here.. I haven't read a blog before and I really have no idea what to write..maybe I should come clean and say that I'm 17...I'm 17..

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