luni, 14 iunie 2010

oh, so what should I say now?.. that I put the link of this thing nobody reads:)) an Polyvore?.. anyway I'm ok, I just got home, and on the way it rained and it was really windy and me end my friends were, like, screaming and laughting.. and there was drops of wather on my glasses and I couldn't see anything.. I have such a boring life..

duminică, 13 iunie 2010

Soo bored.. maybe I’m going to watch a movie (Sydney white and the seven dwarfs) again.. oh a friend of mine recommended a Tv series Lie to me.. did you see it? Is it any good? ‘cause I’m almost finished on my current one and I need another one.. or Prison Break , or Lost which one? Tell me… oh don’t you love this set? I love it, the outfit is so me.. I mean I’d wear every single item in it.. oh what do you think of the new layout?

tube broussaille

Emma Watson : VS. Magazine | Trendnista

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so.. maybe it’s time to write something about this..
I’ve started a new challenge.. the 30 divas.. it’s really nice, it’s all about these iconic actresses, really young ones(except Meryl Streep but she has a young soul).. idk..I’m really into these challenges ‘cause I’m in a noncreative mood and these dares (I think of the in this way) make me be on polyvore.. I love Polyvore.. as you didn’t already know that… oh you want to know what I’m listening right now?? Milan Stankovic- Ovo je Balkan… the Serbian singer from Eurovision.. I’m kind of a dork on enjoying this song contest.. oh and my taught on the winner: I liked Lena (very young, upbeat song) but I loved, like LOVED, the Ukrainian song, I’m more of a rock girl.. oh anyway, what do you think of Eurovision?