duminică, 13 iunie 2010

tube broussaille

Emma Watson : VS. Magazine | Trendnista

Pre-made by Roxygal

so.. maybe it’s time to write something about this..
I’ve started a new challenge.. the 30 divas.. it’s really nice, it’s all about these iconic actresses, really young ones(except Meryl Streep but she has a young soul).. idk..I’m really into these challenges ‘cause I’m in a noncreative mood and these dares (I think of the in this way) make me be on polyvore.. I love Polyvore.. as you didn’t already know that… oh you want to know what I’m listening right now?? Milan Stankovic- Ovo je Balkan… the Serbian singer from Eurovision.. I’m kind of a dork on enjoying this song contest.. oh and my taught on the winner: I liked Lena (very young, upbeat song) but I loved, like LOVED, the Ukrainian song, I’m more of a rock girl.. oh anyway, what do you think of Eurovision?

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