vineri, 25 februarie 2011

February nights...

It has been a long, long time since I have written something on this blog and now more than ever with this new layout… so… on this note I have to start speaking ‘bout my life after all this is mine, my diary on the web, right?
These past days/weeks I have not had a good night’s rest mostly because I have been watching Friends, I believe I am at season 8 well after Chandler and Monica’s wedding (oh that was a nice, a very nice event).

Lately, well since yesterday, I have been very much into Harry Potter right now I am watching the Chamber of Secrets. Oh let’s insert some pictures, shall we?

And so on… I am pretty concern about my school work, or so I seem. I am afraid about Economics and terrified about my math teacher. I have a boring life. But I seem to be pretty interested in the fashion blogging. Dobby is free.
A sample from here.

Ohh and it is freezing here. I mean outside.

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