luni, 27 iunie 2011

For the benefit of the procrastination...

How do people write on their blogs?
Because I’m such a huge procrastinator that I’ll do anything in stead of what I am actually supposed to do. Honestly I’ll do anything!!! Now I’m washing some clothes because I don’t want to study. And I am writing on my blog. I have a big exam Monday like a life-changing one and I am starting to have nightmares but I still don’t do what I’m supposed to do.
It’s raining.
But the good thing about my big problem with procrastinating in that theses past weeks I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done… like I’ve listened to some of my music and got read of the one I didn’t liked anymore, I’ve reorganized my music, I’ve watched some TV shows, I’ve started sowing again, cleaned my make-up and my make-up brushes, I’ve read, I’ve done lots of DYI projects and so on.
And that's all I have to confess.

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